CathayRed™ RA11YD

High Chroma Reds under the brand name of CathayRed™ are superior Red Iron Oxide pigments manufactured using a unique precipitation technology to give brighter color. These pigments are suitable for demanding colorant applications including architectural paints, industrial coatings, product finishes, wood stains etc.

CathayRed™ High Chroma Reds can be dispersed effortlessly in both water based and VOC free systems. The pigments provide cost-effective advantages over other normal red iron oxides, they can be well-dispersed in a simplified process using High Speed Dispersers, eliminating the use of expensive dispersant additives and pre-dispersed liquid pigment concentrates.

RA11YD is a bright and yellowish red powder pigment with high heat stability and excellent weathering and light fastness. It is produced with strict quality control and gives reliable performance in terms of outstanding opacity, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, exterior durability and compatibility. Like all CathayRed™ High Chroma Reds, RA11YD is highly micronized to offer easy dispersion with high-speed impeller (Cowles type) milling equipment or single & twin screw extruders.

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