CathayCoat™ Black BA36

Synthetic Black Iron Oxides from OXERRA are high-quality inorganic pigments suitable for a wide range of demanding colorant applications. Typical applications include architectural paints, industrial coatings, product finishes, wood stains, plastics, rubber, ceramics, inks, paper, concrete, stucco, cement and mortar.

The excellent dispersion characteristics, high tint strength and blue shade undertones of our Synthetic Black Iron Oxides make them particularly useful in many of today’s high performance coatings. These products offer a solution for dispersion, flocculation and floatation problems commonly associated with carbon black pigments. These cost-effective pigments eliminate the need for more expensive dispersant additives and pre-dispersed liquid pigment concentrates.

BA36 is a black powder pigment with high heat stability and excellent weathering and light fastness. It is produced with strict quality tolerances and reliable performance, which offer outstanding opacity, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, exterior durability and compatibility.

As all CathayCoat™ “BA” grade Iron Oxide Black, BA36 is highly micronized to offer easy dispersion with high-speed impeller (Cowles type) milling equipment or single & twin screw extruders.

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