Heat Stability


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  • Ferrotint™ F6800

    Ferrotint™ F6800

    FerrHoover Color’s F6800 is designed for construction products such as concrete, stucco, mortar, and grout. It is blended and controlled to the same color specifications as Hoover Color’s coatings grade pigment blends. As with all…

    Color Group: Red/Orange  Color Index: Pigment Red 101  Pigment Type: Red Iron Oxide (Blended)  Quality: Good  Heat Stability: 176°C/350°F  Manufacturing Type: Blended Iron Oxide

  • Micronized EnvironOxide® BR-832M

    Micronized EnvironOxide® BR-832M

    One of the most exciting recent innovations in the Iron Oxide Industry has been Hoover Color’s introduction of EnvironOxide®. These pigments are produced using a unique process; that uses neither conventional mined natural ores nor…

    Color Group: Red/Orange  Color Index: Pigment Red 101:1  Pigment Type: Red Iron Oxide (Blended)  Quality: Best  Heat Stability: 150°C/300°F  Manufacturing Type: EnvironOxide®

Showing all 2 results